The other day my wife showed me an article in Martha Stewart Living magazine about how to hide home electronics. Fundamentally, I have issues with that since I love seeing my home electronics. We have been debating about whether or not we should have a TV in the bedroom (we do have a 22″ LCD in the bathroom). Ascetically, TV’s don’t look great in bedroom’s, so having one popup from a little cabinet is a pretty cool idea. I’m all about building my own furniture (here and here) and love the idea of getting a lift — more gadgets and mechanics — problem, cost!

Draper has released their FSL-F-50 Flatscreen Lift that can accommodate virtually any available model of display up to 50″ diagonal. The unit is an easy “drop-in” installation into your cabinetry or furniture so you don’t need to engineer anything special. In addition, it features a unique secondary shelf beneath the display itself, allowing you to attach a matching trim piece to fill the opening left by the open cabinet lid for a clean, finished appearance when raised.

Here are a few more specs:
– Lifting capacity is 210 lbs.
– No display width limitation
– Vertical extension up to 148% of its stored height
– depth is 4″ Overall height is 29.75″
– Optional cable management system
– Optional RS232 control
– Travel Speed is 13/8″ per second
– Deployment time (without load) is 33 seconds
– Universal Mounting Bracket is included

The FSL-F-50 retails for $3325 with options adding $57 – $215 — making this flatscreen lift idea a pretty expensive one.