UPDATE: Check out http://meetmyro.com for the final released version!

Here are a few more screenshots of my UI… The following screen shown is of the messages viewer. Now, using your OmniPro you can easily have your family select messages to display. You can also record and playback voice memos if you have it wired that way (I’ll be posting a video on how I have it working in my house/touchscreen). To access the message panel, you just tap on the arrow and the panel slides up and down.

This next screen shot is of the Status panel and shows how easy it is to bypass and restore zones… tap on the item, the appropriate options display — wife tested!

The last screen shot of the day is from the Events panel. Now you can easily see all the system events with easy to follow status icons and text.

I will be posting more screenshots and a video demo so you can see the animations and the performance.