It’s been a while since I have given an update on the progress. The interface is completely tied into the .NET code. It has been running perfectly on a Nobu Embedded Window XP touchscreen for a couple weeks with no issues — no memory leaks — no performance issues at all! I’ve got a name and website URL, I just need to spend some time designing the site. I also have the licensing key system/server ready to go. So what’s left is figuring out a fair price for the software and some legal work. I will be offering a trial version for those that want to test out before you buy.

I’d love to know what you guys think “fair” pricing is… I want to keep it at a price point that every HAI install has my UI software running. I’m also looking into offering a bundled UI/Touchscreen that’s “certified” to run my software. Trouble is keeping costs reasonable.

I will be posting a video demo and launching the website (with product name) in the next few weeks. Cheers!

Here is a screenshot of the climate status panel:

This screenshot is of the controls panels:


The UI response is pretty much instant (if on a wired network). If you’re using wireless, it’s only as good as your connection link.