It seems like most of the cool new products are meant for commercial uses… Sony has released a couple new network devices that allow you to monitor, control and even send content to displays across a standard IP network. The new EBS-N100 network box (pictured) is designed to provide network status and control of Sony plasma monitors, including the PFM-42V1 and the new PFM-42X1 and FWD-50PX1 models. Through this new solution, Sony plasmas and networked LCD projectors can be combined on a single networking platform using Sony’s PJNet! management software (sold separately) and allows users to monitor and troubleshoot multiple devices from a central location. The new EBS-N200 network box provides the ability to stream MPEG video, access the web and present remote desktop applications across a standard IP network. The EBS-N200 is a pretty cool idea! So now you can just wire CAT5 behind your plasma and just send MPEG video to the display directly.