Hey folks! I’ve been getting a lot of requests on the status of my home automation interface/software. Well, huge progress has been made! As most of you know, I’m a huge fan and supporter of HAI and all their products! So, it only made sense to support their product in phase one. I have completely written the HAI Omni-link Connection Protocol in .NET (Omni-Link II being added now), which was a great exercise (now I know exactly what it takes to port to OSX, iPhone, etc). Before I release my front-end application I would love if any HAI user can test with their system.

I have stripped out the graphical (Flash) UI from this version, so it’s not really pretty, but that’s not the purpose of this beta release. I’d like to test for connectivity, commands, and memory leaks on as many systems as possible, so please download and let me know how it runs. I have some very cool features planned for the next release (which will be a smaller group — contact me for more details). If you have any questions please send an email or post a comment below. Enjoy!

– TESTING IS OVER, THANKS!: HAI Tester v1.0.0.4 (Requires .NET 2.0 CLR)